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    2017-09-05 10:42:29

    The iron ore magnetic separator is a special magnetic separation equipment used in the iron ore separation production process in iron mine. Today Weifang Baxter magnetoelectric Technology Co. company will introduce the application of iron magnetic separator.

    (1) Chinese because of poor ore or ore iron ore more, the hardness is relatively large, the magnetic drum skin separator suffered a greater impact, wear faster. So the magnetic separator magnetic drum skin is often worn ore, once worn drum skin, pulp into a magnetic drum magnetic adsorption in appearance between the skin and the lock cylinder in magnetic system, or slurry into the bearing in the bearing damage. The magnetic system is the heart of the whole equipment, the damage of the magnetic system will result in the damage of the whole equipment.

    (2) the magnetic system is made of ferrite magnet and NdFeB magnet. Among them, the stability of NdFeB magnetic steel is poor, and in the moist air of the magnetic drum, it is easy to be oxidized and gradually peel off. So it is necessary to strengthen the protection of both the ferrite magnets and NdFeB magnets.


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    Weifang Baite Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise, which was founded by Weifang Hengli Magnet Equipment Factory and Weifang Kexin magnet equipment factory in conjunction with other domestic investors. It is the enterprise of producing magnetic and powder equipment, is the larger magnetic equipment manufacturer of research and development, engineering design, production and installation, commissioning and service.


            The company mainly produces over 30 series 200 kinds of specifications, such as magnetic separator, de-ironing separator, crusher, disk-type, permanent magnet vacuum filter, metal detector, grinding equipment, aggregate equipment, grinding and processing equipment. The service is related to more than 10 areas, such as electricity, coal, building materials, metallurgy, ports, mining, nonferrous metals, powder environmental protection. At present, we have provided more than 3,000 domestic customers with reliable and value-added and convenient professional equipment and programs, and at the same time, we occupy more than 60% magnetic separation equipment matching share of China ball mill, crusher, iron sand ship and other production industry.


            There is no best, only better. Baite has firmly implemented ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system standard and ISO10012 international quality inspection system standard, relying on technological innovation, and continuously improve core competitiveness. We innovate and constantly improve product performance, quality, extend the application scope to meet user higher demand. To become an international leader in magnetic application system is the goal of Baite... ...


            Baite company commitments the aim of " striving for survival with top quality, promoting development with good reputation, winning the world with good faith ". We warmly welcome all the friends to the cooperation!


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