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    Filter paper and frame selection of HEPA
    2015-06-10 15:44:31

    High efficiency filter is one of the most important clean equipment in clean room. As the end air filtration equipment of the clean room, it will directly affect the cleanliness of clean room.

    With the high demand of HEPA, in order to meet requirements of different customers, high efficiency filter is divided into HEPA Filter With Baffle and HEPA filter without Baffle.And HEPA filter without Baffle can be divided into HEPA filter without Baffle and HEPA Filter With Tank. Moreover, there are some special requirements in some special clean room.

    The conventional high efficiency filter use glass fiber as filter paper, chemical fiber filter paper are also beginning to use.Of course, there are so many foreign manufacturers use PTFE fibers as filter paper of HEPA.Although PTFE in the country with not much, but still clean workshop will be used.

    The commonly frame material used by HEPA is aluminum alloy, followed is galvanized plate, aluminum and stainless steel. With no special requirements, our HEPA always adopts aluminum alloy material.

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