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    GMP is very important for pharmaceutical workshop
    2015-07-03 11:11:41

    GMP is a management system that ensures the quality of drugs from plant environment, plant facilities, process equipment, production process, quality management, packaging materials, storage environment, label management and personnel management.The purpose of GMP is to prevent the drug production in the mixed batch, mixed, pollution and cross infection, in order to ensure the quality of drugs.So, it is very important for clean room.

    The importance of GMP in the pharmaceutical workshop:
    In the production process of drugs will produce a variety of contaminants (such as medicine dust, harmful gases, etc.).And production personnel, it will shine out the bacteria, dust and other pollutants.Wall, equipment will produce air pollution.So if not controlled, and then good production is also very difficult to ensure the quality of drugs. Therefore, the construction of air purification project is very important for the pharmaceutical workshop. If you want to produce the qualified drug, you must work in clean room with enough cleanliness.

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