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    How to choose FFU
    2015-05-29 15:30:20

    With the development of industrial technology, air clean technology is concerned. The cleanliness of clean workshop is influenced by many factors, and the air flow organization in the clean room is greatly affected.The reasonable air flow organization can guarantee the air flowing along certain direction, it can prevent the air was polluted again, also can avoid the air current whirlpool.

    The traditional clean workshop with unidirectional airflow uses ceiling air supply and ground return, but it will lead to structural complexity, high cost.Now,we usually use FFU blow and return on both sides.It can simplify clean workshop design, save air conditioner room area and decrease air return duct size.So as to save costs and operating expenses.

    FFU is wildly used in food, packaging, electronics and other purification workshop due to its simple installation, affordable, low power consumption and high efficiency.Below technical personnel of MIDSPRING simply to analyze how to correctly choose FFU:

    1, The fan is the core component of the FFU.The brand of the fan is very important.The fan should do dynamic balancing measurement.
    2, Channel design is also very important, channel design will effect the air quantity and wind speed of FFU.
    3, Listen to the noise, The noise should be low and uniform.
    4, Appearance design and wall thickness,at present FFU is the main choice of is galvanized aluminum plate and a stainless steel, also have a small amount of steel plate spray. Material thickness at least between 1.0-1.2mm.If the thickness is too thin, it will impact the use of quality and the noise will be large.

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