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    How to control personnel pollution in clean room
    2015-05-11 09:03:21
    For clean room, particle pollution detection is very important.And the operator is the major pollution source.So, controlling personnel pollution can decide the cleanliness of clean room.For this, MIDSPRING put forward the following suggestions by clean room design standard of purification equipment.
    1.The requirement of clean room design
    In the design of clean room, you must strictly pay attention to setting locker rooms, buffer room, air shower room. All the equipment of locker room facilities must be designed in strict accordance with the design specifications of the clean room. Air shower room is an important part of pollution control personnel, air shower room is a place for cleaning personnel, air shower room will directly affect the quality of personnel pollution control.
    2.The requirement of operator
    Before entering the clean room,operator must wear clean clothes, clean standard hat, shoes, gloves, do not carry cigarettes, wallet, towels and other ect.with the clean room personnel specification.Most of the locker room is divided clean side and pollution side, clean room personnel should always be in accordance with the provisions, can not wearing shoes go out of the locker room, and wear the same pair of shoes come in.
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