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    How to design clean room more energy-efficient
    2015-06-03 15:46:24

    With the rapid development and expand of the clean room construction , the energy saving problem of clean room is urgent.For many times,the designer of clean workshop often pay more attention to the cleanliness and particulate detection and overlook the energy saving problem are.But the energy saving production cost of the drugs are the noticeable problems in the development.Next,I talk about how to do more energy-saving in pharmaceutical clean room design from the lighting, the control of temperature and humidity,control air exchange rate and control air supply.
    In the clean room with high illumination, the method of local illumination should be adopted, and the minimum illumination standard should not be improved.At the same time, non clean workshop lighting should be lower than the clean workshop, but not less than 100LX.

    From the viewpoint of energy saving, we must determine the suitable cleanliness, temperature and relative humidity. The provisions of the GMP pharmaceutical clean workshop conditions: temperature 18℃~26℃, relative humidity 45% ~ 65%. But considering the comfort of human body, the summer temperature should be raised from 24 to 26, and the relative humidity of 45%~65% is appropriate. Winter should be above 20, while relative humidity should fall to natural state from 45%(e.g. 20%).So that it can not only reduce the energy reasonably, but also improve the quality of the clean workshop.

    In the premise of ensuring the cleanliness, reduce air exchange rate and air supply are the one of the important means to save energy.Air exchange rate and air supply are closely related with production technology, equipment advanced degree and layout, clean room size and shape, and personnel density , so we should consider the full time when we adjust the air exchange rate and air quantity

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