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    How to design more efficient bio-pharmaceutical workshop
    2015-04-29 10:34:35
    For bio-pharmaceutical Workshop, control the pollution source of clean room is a key point.But today customers pay more and more attention to the problem of reducing energy consumption in the use of the pharmaceutical workshop.So the selection of green environmental protection material is not only the best way to reduce the pollution of Pharmaceutical Workshop , but also is a good way to reduce energy consumption. How to design a good bio-pharmaceutical Workshop can be reduced to the minimum energy consumption? 
    Firstly, we should take into account the size of the production equipment, operation, maintenance and repair, cleaning equipment and production capacity and other factors in clean workshop design.
    Secondly, the purification level of clean room must according to the requirements of product.Such as injection diluted room in bio-pharmaceutical Workshop with higher requirements need clean room of 10 K class.But injection concentration room only need 100 K class.
    Thirdly, for high cleanliness requirements bio-pharmaceutical Workshop should use partial purification.For example, some operation in pharmaceutical workshop requires to be finished in class10000 clean room and local cleanliness for class 100.
    The energy saving of bio-pharmaceutical Workshop purification project can not only be realized by controlling the cleanliness of clean room, but also can through adjust the temperature and humidity.According to the GMP process, Pharmaceutical Workshop suitable for the production environment temperature at 18 to 26 DEG C, and the relative humidity in the 45% to 65%.But in fact in the process of drug production, only part of the process is the specific requirement of temperature and humidity. The temperature and humidity must be suitable for the operating personnel, or discomfort operating environment will also affect the production efficiency.
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