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    How to discriminate the quality of purifying door
    2015-04-29 10:54:50
    The purifying door is the indispensable auxiliary equipment in clean room,its quality may affect the clean class of clean room directly, 
    discriminate the quality of purifying door is very important for customers,sales team of MIDSPRING arranged the following points by the largest sales,the most popular steel purifying door for many years and the research of purification engineering worked by MIDSPRING.
    How to discriminate the quality of purifying door
    1.The core materials of purifying door will affect its performance directly,using paper honeycomb sandwich panel,rock wool sandwich panel,PU sandwich panel lead to the different anti noise,fire and other performance.
    2.The different panel material will affect strength of purifying door.
    3.Sealing,flatness of purifying door is a key point to measure quality of purifying door.
    The purifying door in MIDSPRING adopt the most advanced production equipment,the rational allocation of the core material and panel,good materials,our crew has fine processing operation experience for many years,it makes our purifying door more founder flush, beautiful and smooth.In the sealing,MIDSPRING not only adopts double sealing between the door and door frame,but also use the sweep the floor strip between the door and ground,sealing reach the acme. In the bearing capacity, Purifying door in MIDSPRING add strong gluten at the loading position of door plank.It can greatly improve the load-bearing capacity of purifying door, but does not increase the weight of the door,durable. Finally all of core material of purifying door, panel material, dimension can be customized.
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