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    How to purchase the biological safety cabinet
    2015-04-29 14:31:31
    The biological safety cabinet is used to protect operator, environment and sample.We all know that biological safety cabinet is wildly used in laboratory and clinical laboratory.May be the sample in these departments with Toxic and infectious bacteria, the sample maybe is volatile toxic gases, or it is radioactive specimens.Whatever is researched, they will all cause varying degrees of damage to operator.So, if you have any slight mistake in purchase, it will bring serious even fatal damage.As a saleswomen i am glad to share my years understanding of biological safety cabinet and purchase experience with you.I hope it can help everyone want to purchase biological safety cabinet.
    1.At first, you must know the levels of biological safety cabinet.Two stage biological safety cabinet mainly divided into A1, A2, B1 and B2 type, different biological safety cabinets are suitable for different place.
    2.Next, you should understand the characteristic and damage of sample you want to protect.Then,compare with different application of biological safety cabinets.Select the most suitable biological safety cabinet.
    3.Last,if you purchase B2 type, please keep the point on installation.Improper installation may affect gas emissions, may not be able to guarantee the absolute pressure around. 
    Must we all know the importance of biological safety cabinet for the each sample and operator. So every customer must keep in mind to purchase from manufacturers of quality assurance and installation experience.Our MIDSPRING always provide the old brand products, adhere to high quality service, hope to leave the most beautiful memory for every customer.
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