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    Sandwich Panel

    How to use the color steel sandwich panel correctly
    2015-04-29 14:38:58
    Color steel sandwich panel as a new type of building materials has become an indispensable part of modern architecture.Color steel sandwich panel is composed of the upper and the lower two layers of color steel panel and different core material In a dedicated production line,because of its structural features, the board is also called the "sandwich" panel.The difference of color steel plate core material lead to its different characteristics,which determines its use.
    Common core material include rock wool, polyurethane,foam and other materials,these core material has the average of compression, heat insulation, fireproof,moisture-proof,and is wildly used in clean roomclean workshop, electronic workshop, cryogenic,laboratory and other places.Let the customer deeply understand the characteristics of color steel panel so that customer can use color steel panel correctly is our responsibility as a color steel panel manufacturer , is also our faith for each salesmen in MIDSPRING , next,I use three kinds of color steel sandwich panel with high volume of sales and most popular in MIDSPRING as an example to discuss the differences between the different color steel plate.
    1.The differences of color steel plate’s structure
    (1).PU sandwich panel is based on high quality color coating steel plate for the panel, polyurethane as core material,make into composite plate by high temperature foaming and curing.
    (2).Rock wool sandwich panel composite will rock wool and steel plate through automation equipment.
    (3).The both sides of EPS sandwich panel are color coating steel plate, sandwich layer is a EPS foam, is composed by the German vacuum technology.
    (4).The differences between the above three kinds of color steel panel’s structure is mainly reflected in the different core material, also because of their different core material decisions the different uses of color steel panel.
    2.The differences of color steel panel’s characteristic
    (1).The difference of fire performance:rock wool sandwich panel >PU sandwich panel >EPS sandwich panel
    (2).The difference of insulation performance : PU sandwich panel > rock wool sandwich panel >EPS sandwich panel
    (3).The difference of waterproof performance:PU sandwich panel>EPS Sandwich Panel > rock wool sandwich panel (in addition to hate water rock wool sandwich panel)
    (4).The difference of sound insulation performance:PU sandwich panel > rock wool sandwich panel >EPS sandwich panel 
    (5).The difference of compressive properties : EPS sandwich panel >PU sandwich panel > rock wool sandwich panel
    On balance,the comprehensive performance of polyurethane sandwich panel is the best,polyurethane sandwich panel is the best choice for steel structure building!
    3.The differences of color steel panel’s purpose
    (1).Polyurethane sandwich panel used in the places with higher requirements of fireproof, heat insulation;for example cold room, industrial plant, clean room.
    (2).Rock wool sandwich panel is the best common color steel plate common on the market, suitable for situation with non waterproof requirements, but the fireproof requirements are very high ; such as wall, roof insulation, fire doors, elevator well.
    (3). The price of EPS sandwich panel is cheap,apply to the canned workshop without the requirements of fireproof.
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