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    Leak detection method of HEPA
    2015-04-29 14:28:15
    The leak detection of HEPA is very important for clean roomclean benchbiological safety cabinet and other purification equipment.It even relate whether the clean workshop can meet the standard, thus the clean room must be on-site leak before installing HEPA, MIDSPRING based on experience for many years summed up the leak detection method is more convenient and reliable.
    A:Leak detection method of HEPA
    1.Aerosol photometer test method
    2.Particle counter test method
    3.Whole efficiency test method
    4.Gas test method
    The aerosol photometer test method is used commonly , it is also known as the DOP detection method.
    B:The working principle of DOP detection method
    Detection on the upwind side of HEPA use DOP as the source of dust aerosol, downwind side by photometer sampling.Photometer measured the relative concentration of aerosol by different light intensity,DOP can measure the penetration rate of HEPA. In order to confirm the integrity of HEPA filter and sealing of installation.
    If you found the leak, first to determine whether to repair, if repair may cause the damage of appearance,repair is very trouble or it is difficult to succeed,then you should void the HEPA directly; if the defect in the normal range, you can repair the leak location, repair after the test, if still not through the examination, then should be the HEPA invalid.
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