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    GMP is very important for pharmaceutical workshop
    GMP is a management system that ensures the quality of drugs from plant environment, plant facilities, process equipment, production process, quality ...
    How to design clean room more energy-efficient
    With the rapid development and expand of the clean room construction , the energy saving problem of clean room is urgent.For many times,the designer o...
    Return air system design for the effect of clean room
    By the development of science and technology, the requirement of Modern technological product production and modern scientific experiment activity for...
    How to control personnel pollution in clean room
    For clean room, particle pollution detection is very important.And the operator is the major pollution source.So, controlling personnel pollution can ...
    How to design more efficient bio-pharmaceutical workshop
    For bio-pharmaceutical Workshop, control the pollution source of clean room is a key point.But today customers pay more and more attention to the prob...
    The three key points of clean room
    With the development of purification project, clean room has become more and more important.Many industries such as food industry, drug industry, part...
    The key points in using clean room
    The main effect of clean room is to control the cleanliness of atmosphere which contacted products, so that products can be manufactured in a good env...
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