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    HEPA Filter

    Filter paper and frame selection of HEPA
    High efficiency filter is one of the most important clean equipment in clean room. As the end air filtration equipment of the clean room, it will dire...
    The key of HEPA in using
    Now, the air quality problem has become the focus of attention for many people.Especially, purification equipment has played a key role for the cleani...
    Leak detection method of HEPA
    The leak detection of HEPA is very important for clean room,clean bench,biological safety cabinet and other purification equipment.It even relate whet...
    The importance of HEPA
    Along with the serious of environment problem and people's major environmental awareness,cause the wide application of HEPA, the air quality has becom...
    The Maintenance Of HEPA
    HEPA was wildly used in Electronic, pharmaceutical, hospitals, food and other industries.For these clean room,HEPA is necessary.As everyone knows,gene...
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