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    Sandwich Panel

    The importance of sandwich panel in clean room
    Purification sandwich panel is one of the best important material, because sandwich panel very important function and effect.At first, we must talk ab...
    The Code of conduct in using PU sandwich panel
    Polyurethane sandwich panel is one of the best building material.It is suitable for cold storage insulation, clean room decoration, exterior wall deco...
    Reason for the extensive use of glass magnesium sandwich panel
    Glass magnesium sandwich panel were used wall panels, ceiling panels, fire panels, waterproof board and etc. Because of its good fire safety performan...
    The quality analysis of polyurethane sandwich panel
    Polyurethane sandwich panel is wildly used in clean room, laboratory, electronic workshop and etc..The quality of sandwich panel is very important to ...
    Good clean room material——Rock Wool Sandwich Panel
    We all know the color steel sandwich panel has been the indispensable material in purification industry.How to choose the correct color steel panel is...
    Why does the aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel can be used wildly
    Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel is a kind of new building material, its panels are color steel plate, core material is aluminum honeycomb.At the sam...
    How to use the color steel sandwich panel correctly
    Color steel sandwich panel as a new type of building materials has become an indispensable part of modern architecture.Color steel sandwich panel is c...
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