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    Why does the aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel can be used wildly
    Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel is a kind of new building material, its panels are color steel plate, core material is aluminum honeycomb.At the sam...
    The key points in using clean room
    The main effect of clean room is to control the cleanliness of atmosphere which contacted products, so that products can be manufactured in a good env...
    The most effective purification equipment--FFU
    FFU has always been the core of purification equipment in clean room,it is a terminal purification equipment can provide power by self. The applicatio...
    How to use the color steel sandwich panel correctly
    Color steel sandwich panel as a new type of building materials has become an indispensable part of modern architecture.Color steel sandwich panel is c...
    The characteristic and advantage of purifying lamp
    Purifying lamp combined the energy-saving lamp and the function of air purification by new technology.It is wildly used in clean room,clean workshop,l...
    The importance of HEPA
    Along with the serious of environment problem and people's major environmental awareness,cause the wide application of HEPA, the air quality has becom...
    The core of the clean room --air shower room
    As everyone knows that air shower room is necessary channel before entering clean is used to block or reduce the dust into the clean room. In ...
    The Maintenance Of HEPA
    HEPA was wildly used in Electronic, pharmaceutical, hospitals, food and other industries.For these clean room,HEPA is necessary.As everyone knows,gene...
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