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    Clean Room

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    Class 1000 clean room
    For many years,MIDSPRING always insist to study advanced technology,constantly breakthrough, strive to improve the construction technology. We have first-class design and construction team to stick with the best quality service for every customer.
    Class 100 clean room
    Clean room, clean workshop are widely applied in the electronic information, semiconductor, optoelectronics, precision manufacturing, medical and health, bio engineering, aerospace, auto spraying and many other industries ,according to the requirements of precision and clean industry,the level is different.
    Clean Booth
    The products of our company are widely applied in microelectronics, optics, precise machinery, medical and health, bio-pharmaceuticals, food and drinks, ultra-purification smelting, aviation and space flight, and other industrial aspects and the research in colleges, universities and institutes and the asepsis sickrooms in hospitals, etc..
    Food Processing Workshop
    Due to the current food crisis, consumers pay more and more attention to food safety, food processing environments become more and more strict, food enterprises also pay more and more attention to the health and safety of food. So the necessity of food processing workshop also gradually reflected.
    Pharmaceutical Workshop
    1.Pharmaceutical workshop with high cost equipment, complex production process, high clean grade, and there are strict requirements on the quality of production personnel. 2.In the production process there will be potential biological hazards.
    Operation Room
    Operation room is an important technical departments of the hospital to provide operation and rescue sites for the patient, The operation room should be divided into restricted areas (aseptic operation room), semi restricted area (between pollution operation) and non restricted area strictly . Grasp the link management of four ways of operation incision infection namely: operation room air; needed goods of operation; finger of patients and doctors and nurses of the skin, can ...
    Canned Workshop
    The production of canned workshop including bottle brush, quantitative filling, light inspection, gland, labeling, packing, storage box.Technical personnel of each link should enforce the standards for quality control technology strictly, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the canned workshop.
    Any experimental platform, cabinets and other laboratory furniture in laboratory should be in line with international standards and the requirements of environmental protection, Surface material should have features of good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, structure should meet the ergonomic and safe operation, it can effectively improve the operator's working efficiency.
    Clean Workshop
    In those places engaged in precision production and scientific experiment such as microelectronics industry, precision instrument, LED, liquid crystal.Because need to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness In the process of production to construct clean room,clean workshop,dust-free workshop,this is the clean technology.It is a new technology to adapt to the requirements of experimental research and product processing .
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