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    Purification Equipment

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    Pass Through Hatch
    The Pass through hatch widely used in PCB, IC manufacturing, LCD, photoelectric products, aseptic packaging, food processing, electronic factory and other industries. Its main role is to transfer small articles between the non clean area and clean area.
    FFU(Fan Filter Unit)
    FFU is widely used in clean room with class100-1000, can be assembled into clean production lines, ultra clean studio, super clean bench.Also can be customized by the requirements of customers.
    Efficient Deliver Outlet
    The efficient delivery outlet can be used as a terminal efficient unit installed on the ceiling of any clean rooms and other places in clean room.Suitable to the terminal filtration of air feeding device with class thousand,million,on hundred thousand.
    Clean Bench
    The clean bench mainly used in electronics, biology, medicine, precision instruments and other industry with clean operating is a versatile strong local air purification equipment.
    Air Shower Room
    The air shower room is the necessary channel to enter the clean room , mainly used in semiconductor, LCD display,photoelectron, precision instruments, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, food, research institutes, universities, aerospace, automotive, coatings, printing and other fields.
    HEPA Filter Without Baffle
    The HEPA filter without baffle is generally applied to electronic semiconductor manufacturing, medicine, precision machinery, cosmetics and other occasions of high cleanliness requirements.
    HEPA Filter With Tank
    The tank HEPA filter is widely used in the operation room of the hospital, pharmaceutical, laboratory, circuit board, micro-electronics, optics, photoelectron, LED display,QS food processing or the terminal filtration of purification equipment,Clean working environment requires high humidity.
    HEPA Filter With Baffle
    Clean room ,commercial and the terminal filtration of industrial ventilation and air conditioning system (2).The terminal filtration of electronic, pharmaceutical, hospitals, food industry and other places (3).Ventilation and air conditioning system with high fire resistance requirements and high ventilation requirements.
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