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    Return air system design for the effect of clean room
    2015-05-20 15:16:20

    By the development of science and technology, the requirement of Modern technological product production and modern scientific experiment activity for the cleanliness of clean room.Especially microelectronics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, daily chemical products and etc..They all need to do in the clean room.So,the clean room design is concerned profoundly.

    We all know the key factor to effect the cleanliness of clean room is the arrangement of sending outlet,the return air outlet with minimal impact.Because of this, many designers arrange the return air outlet optionally in the design of clean room, it will bring so many problems.For this situation, MIDSPRING sum up some problems and put forward actions according to construction experience for many years.

    1.Many clean room designers arrange the return air outlet in corner, they do not consider the effect by airflow direction.It makes the clean room meaningless.So,we must consider the airflow in arranging the position of return air outlet.
    2.In many clean room, return air outlet was arranged beside the clean bench.It will cause the pollution air flow in the clean bench to impact on protected areas seriously.
    3.Some return air outlet stay away from pollution equipment, it will cause the pollution air flow to other clean areas.
    4.Clean room design always have the problem of little quantity and high wind speed.This return air outlet always be arranged in corner, this must cause unhealthy corner.So, we should reasonably distribute the return air outlet, return air outlet speed should not be greater than 2m/s. In order to decrease the unhealthy corner, diagonal arrangement, if the clean room width is more than 3m, can the side arrangement.
    5. In many times, in order to save space in the clean room design, two adjacent clean rooms often share a air return way.This will lead to low pressure clean room can not return, high pressure clean room pressure value is not debugging accurately. Therefore, when we design the common air return way, the pressure is a problem should be considered.

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