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    Sure to purchase biological safety cabinet or clean bench
    2015-04-29 14:27:07

    Whether you think the two picture above are the same product.If it is, please read the article carefully.Oppositely, If you can distinguish biological safety cabinets and clean bench accurately.
    Recently, our company received a lot of inquiry about biological safety cabinet.But many customers only need purchase clean bench by chatting.Authentically, there are so many similarities between biological safety cabinet and clean bench.It is difficult for us to distinguish them especially the people outside the industry.For everyone can understand your purchasing requisition, I analysis the distinction by my years experience.
    From the appearance:in general biological safety cabinet shell have triangle warning sign.
    From the effect:clean bench only can product experimental materials but biological safety cabinets also can product operator and laboratory environment.In simple terms, if the materials you research may is harmful to the human body or pollute the environment and then you need purchase biological safety cabinet.Conversely,you only need to purchase clean bench.
    From the essence: the biggest difference between biological safety cabinets and clean bench is air supply mode.The air supply mode of clean bench is positive pressure air flow.It only can ensure the experimental materials in work area without pollution. The biological safety cabinet is negative pressure air flow and with the air exhaust device. It can guarantee the pollutants in work area does not propagate to the outer region.
    Hope this article can have the help to everybody.
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