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    Sandwich Panel

    The Code of conduct in using PU sandwich panel
    2015-04-29 10:27:44
    Polyurethane sandwich panel is one of the best building material.It is suitable for cold storage insulation, clean room decoration, exterior wall decoration and etc..PU sandwich panel is wildly used in many European countries, it is the darling of the cleaning industry.What shall we attented in using PU sandwich panel?
    From Processing
    PU sandwich panel have two processing methods.One is ordinary processing method, is to paste steel plate in both sides of polyurethane core.This polyurethane sandwich panel is suitable for exterior wall.The other is the process of foaming inside. Its strength, the insulation performance and etc. are better then others.So, it is usually used as cold plate, insulation materials. 
    From construction
    You must pay attention to your own safety when you use the PU sandwich panel made buy the process of foaming inside. If you are not careful with polyamine acid, please clean with with plenty of water timely.If it is serious,you will also be to the hospital timely.
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