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    HEPA Filter

    The Maintenance Of HEPA
    2015-04-29 14:42:19
    HEPA was wildly used in Electronic, pharmaceutical, hospitals, food and other industries.For these clean room,HEPA is necessary.As everyone knows,generally,HEPA was replaced during 1-2 years,but if the filter resistance value is greater than 450Pa、the airflow velocity of outlet side is reduced to a minimum and can not be recovered any more、surface leakage of HEPA and it can not be repaired and other situation,you will have to change the HEPA in advance,this will undoubtedly increase your spending,the maintenance of HEPA also naturally become a problem that we have to concentrating on.For this,technical personnel in Suzhou Midspring Purify put forward the measures and schemes for the following.
    1.The Store Of HEPA
    HEPA must not be torn or open the packaging bag or packaging film before installation,We should be strictly in accordance with the requirements on the packaging of HEPA to store it.Handle with care, try to avoid vibration and collision.
    2.The Installation Of HEPA
    (1).The clean room should be clear before installation,if there is dust inside purifying air conditioning system it also should be clear.We must ensure that the inner wall cleaning, no dust, oil and other pollutants after installation.
    (2).When installed,The arrow on the outer frame and air flow of filter in the same direction.When the vertical installation, filter paper crease direction should be perpendicular to the ground.
    3.The use of HEPA
    (1)The wind speed of HEPA should not exceed 1.5m/s when in use,to ensure the filter efficiency,also can prolong the service life, saving cost.
    (2)The HEPA in the region of the cleanliness requirements is not high,We can take down the filter, and then soak、wash used water containing detergent,installing after drying;after washing 1-2 times,We must replace the new filter, in order to ensure the filter efficiency.
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