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    The advantages of purifying door
    2015-04-29 14:32:07
    Steel purifying door is a kind of purifying door used in clean room, it is supporting the use of the door in a clean room engineering, you might ask why purifying door was used in clean room?We took the following reasons for every customer through steel purifying door made by MIDSPRING for many years and the research of purification engineering worked by MIDSPRING.
    The advantages of purifying door
    1.The purifying door was designed and produced because the door in clean workshop was asked easy cleaning and disinfection, no dead angle
    2.Purifying door uses bag wall type stainless steel frame, color steel plate or stainless steel door, overall performance .
    3.Reduce the friction on the ground, opening and closing the door save energy , noise reduction, good sealing performance.
    4.Having the advantages of beautiful appearance, smooth, high strength, corrosion resistance and not fouling, no dust, easy to clean,and the installation is convenient.
    5.Opening mode of purifying door: single door is divided into left open, right open ; double door is divided into open, inwards and open outwards,can be respectively added observation window and return air inlet adjustable.
    6.Because of the different purifying door materials, can also be produced for the purifying fire door.
    Purifying door in MIDSPRING has advantages of other purifying doors.At the same time,we improve the sealing and bearing of purifying door.In the sealing,MIDSPRING not only adopts double sealing between the door and door frame,but also use the sweep the floor strip between the door and ground,sealing reach the acme. In the bearing capacity, Purifying door in MIDSPRING add strong gluten at the loading position of door plank.It can greatly improve the load-bearing capacity of purifying door, but does not increase the weight of the door.In addition, all of core material of purifying door, panel material, dimension can be customized.
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