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    The characteristic and advantage of purifying lamp
    2015-04-29 14:39:27
    Purifying lamp combined the energy-saving lamp and the function of air purification by new technology.It is wildly used in clean room,clean workshop,laboratory,electronic workshop and etc..
    The characteristic of LED purifying lamp
    1.purifying lamp shell:Uses the high quality stainless steel and cold-rolled steel plate, cold rolled plate or spray, sand blasting aluminum alloy and etc..The appearance is smooth, beautiful, durable.
    2.Purifying lamp shade:Use reflector with Impact resistance, anti make light more soft, bright.
    The advantage of LED purifying lamp
    1.Small volume, light weight, lightweight appearance
    2.High efficiency, energy saving, compared with the ordinary incandescent lamp energy saving more than ten times compared with the ordinary incandescent lamp.
    3.Long service life
    4.Countries have subsidies to manufacturers used purifying lamp
    The purifying lamp in MIDSPRING are to undergo a rigorous quality inspection, so that the Illumination purifying lamp become better. We also have adopted advanced production technology to improve the service life of LED purifying lamp.The usage time of general purifying lamp more than 50000 hours, the usage time of LED purifying lamp in MIDSPRING up to 100000 hours.
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