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    The core of the clean room --air shower room
    2015-04-29 14:41:11
    As everyone knows that air shower room is necessary channel before entering clean is used to block or reduce the dust into the clean room. In terms of its use we can know the importance of air shower room, so choosing high-quality air shower room has become an inevitable problem for each customer , then I will explain the main classification of clean room and purchasing skills by air shower room of MIDSPRING.
    1.Air shower room types in MIDSPRING
    (1). Automation of air shower room: intelligent voice air shower room, automatic door air shower room, explosion-proof air shower room, fast shutter door air shower room.
    (2). Shower way of the air shower room : top blowing air shower room,single single blow air shower room,single double blowing air shower room,single three blowing air shower room,double double blowing air shower room,double three blowing air shower room,many people double blowing air shower room,many people three blowing air shower room,corner air shower room.
    (3). Materials of air shower room: stainless steel air shower room, steel plate air shower room,outside is steel and inside is stainless steel air shower room,color steel plate air shower room,outside is color steel plate and inside is stainless steel air shower room.
    (4). Use object of air shower room: air shower room for people, air shower room for goodsair shower channel,goods shower channel.
    Air shower room of MIDSPRING use the technology of automatic control, electronic interlocking, LED display, infrared induction automatic spraying shower ,and the shower time can be regulated range in 0~99 seconds, filtration efficiency up to 99.99%.Our air shower room is developing more humanized to adapt to the market.
    2.How to select the air shower room
    (1). Deeply understand all kinds of air shower room, and know the cope of application.
    (2). You should know how influence of the air shower room you want to achieve.
    (3). Try to choose a more humanized design to reduce the unnecessary trouble.
    (4). Choose air shower room with different shower way according to the cleanliness requirements of clean room to reduce waste as far as your possible.
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