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    HEPA Filter

    The importance of HEPA
    2015-03-06 13:47:38
    Along with the serious of environment problem and people's major environmental awareness,cause the wide application of HEPA, the air quality has become the focus problem in modern society. Attendant is widely used for air filter, it is no longer protect mechanical equipment ,produce precision instruments,It has gradually entered people's daily life, committed to the protection of human.
    According to purification by related person of marketing department in the MIDSPRING: in Europe, yogurt has been canned in the clean room, which not only avoids the addition of expensive chemical antistaling agent, but also can make the product more health, save more time, Thus,HEPA has play an important role in the European food industry ,it has been slowly close to people's life.
    In the city of Amiens in northern France,Mr.Su lzer bought the HEPA for kitchen. The clean grade of Mr.Su lzer's kitchen is ISOclass5, and made the necessary heat preservation and refrigeration facilities by PU sandwich panel. American federal standard 209 D formulate: food should be split in clean room with the condition of ISOclass5 and indoor temperature of 12℃. Then food can be ensured operate in sterile environment, It is good to improve the quality of food, increase nutrition, improve the taste,extend shelf-life. HEPA in Mr. Su lzer's family have play a role in protecting people.
    In our country, meat processors, dairy producers and other food producers are constantly updated with their air filtration system, which undoubtedly promote HEPA manufacturers to improve their technology to meet the market demand.
    Our MIDSPRING insist on research and develop HEPA with higher filtration efficiency, more quiet, more energy saving, longer life in many years.Commit to produce HEPA to adapt our life and make our life stay away from air pollution.
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