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    The importance of sandwich panel in clean room
    2015-05-13 16:34:48

    Purification sandwich panel is one of the best important material, because sandwich panel very important function and effect.At first, we must talk about its fire performance, the fire rating of so many sandwich panel received A, thire fire resistance limit of more than 2 hours.Such as rock wool sandwich panel, glass magnesium rock wool sandwich panel, perlite sandwich panel and etc..

    In the clean room, the fire is always a key point, but if use the above fire purification plate, you can easily solve the problem to ensure the safety of life and property for enterprises and employees.These sandwich panel not only has excellent fireproof function, but also it has a dustproof effect.The purification plate in MIDSPRING with zinc coating, it has a dustproof effect, at the same time also resistant to corrosion.

    Fire purification sandwich panel can choose plates of different thickness according to different fire resistance rating. In order to fully meet the requirements of fire protection design. With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, the cleaning plate requirements also more and more strictly, especially for anti-static, dust-proof ,antibacterial requirements. Because the electrostatic easy to cause fire and explosion, and it will seriously affect the normal operation of electronic equipment.For clean room and operation room, antibacterial and corrosion resistance is the focus of their attention.

    Based on the above requirements, MIDSPRING launched a new sandwich panel with efficient antibacterial, antistatic, dustproof.If you have any question please feel free to contact us.

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