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    The key points in using clean room
    2015-04-29 14:34:42
    The main effect of clean room is to control the cleanliness of atmosphere which contacted products, so that products can be manufactured in a good environment. We all know that the products were produced in clean room have rigid standards of cleanliness,even a little bit the dust may cause great negative impact, so how to use clean room better became a problem concerned by each manufacturer, as a salesman in MIDSPRING, I summed up the following points according to experience of company for many years for all users of the clean room, and hope everyone can be helped.
    (1) Firstly, we need to understand the biggest source of pollution is staff, products entering the clean room and the dust in production process, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the clean room, the three aspects is very important.
    (2)The goods must be replaced packaging before entering the clean room, and then into the air shower room , only do these can better control the clean room class.
    (3)The operating personnel work in the clean room should strictly according to the operating rules of clean room.Doors and windows of clean room should always be closed, The staff must dress mask, dust cap,clean clothes and shoe cover according to the relevant provisions before entering the clean room in the locker room, and then into the air shower room,lastly tread the carpet which can remove dust,then they are allowed to enter the clean room.Staff can not enter the clean room nothing to do with the production.
    (4)Dust can be controlled if you use the clean bench in the production process
    (5)Ventilation frequency and wind speed of air purification system in clean room is the main reason to maintain the positive pressure and cleanliness of the clean room.So we should use them in accordance with the provisions.
    (6)The equipment of clean room should be cleaned and maintained by specific people on time. Materials and cleaning liquid in the cleaning process must comply with the requirements of clean room management.
    (7)Regularly test the dust concentration, the wind speed out of efficient delivery outlet , temperature and humidity of clean room,and then make maintenance plan according to the results of measurement.The primary filter,medium efficiency filter and high efficiency filter in the air-conditioning purification system should be replaced regularly according to the change of wind speed and indoor positive pressure.
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