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    The most effective purification equipment--FFU
    2015-04-29 14:37:23
    FFU has always been the core of purification equipment in clean room,it is a terminal purification equipment can provide power by self. The application of FFU is very extensive, All of clean room can be used FFU,it has two levels of filtering net,fan inhaled air from the top of FFU and then filter air by primary filter,high efficiency filter, the cleanliness of the air sent by FFU can up to 99.999%, the purification level is ISOclass5.
    FFU is widely used because it can be installed in any clean workshop and convenient installation, easy to use. You only need to install FFU, the purification degree of the clean room can be increased, and almost no repair, the only thing to do is regular replacement of HEPA in fan filter unit, so FFU is the first choice of cleaning equipment.
    The FFU of MIDSPRING used the imported rear drive type copper core fan, compared with other kinds of filter has the advantages of compact structure, small vibration, low noise, and the long service life.FFU to be applied in different places, dust-free workshop with different clean levels , so our FFU can be customized.
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