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    Sandwich Panel

    The quality analysis of polyurethane sandwich panel
    2015-04-29 10:55:07
    Polyurethane sandwich panel is wildly used in clean room, laboratory, electronic workshop and etc..The quality of sandwich panel is very important to the safety index, clean index of clean room.And then what is the factors to decide the quality of polyurethane sandwich panel?MIDSPRING sum up following points by years of experience.
    From processing technology:
    Polyurethane sandwich panel is divided into the internal foam PU sandwich panel and ordinary PU sandwich panel.Take the polyurethane into color steel plate box, add foaming agent, make the internal foam polyurethane sandwich panel.The ordinary polyurethane sandwich panel is first to do the core material, and join core material and color steel plate with glue.Compare the two kind of sandwich panel, the internal foam polyurethane sandwich panel can be able to withstand high temperatures, stress resistance is good, insulation performance is good.
    From material:
    The processing technology of ordinary polyurethane sandwich panel decide that the glue quality influence adiabatic performance, stabilizer quality influence stress ability.Closed cell rate of core material directly affect the insulation performance.The polyurethane sandwich panel in MIDSPRING with high strength adhesives and double glue to ensure the adhesive force of the sandwich panel and the core material.Our obturator rate can reach over 95%.
    The quality of polyurethane sandwich panel will directly affect the cleanliness of clean room, please choose carefully.
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