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    The three key points of clean room
    2015-04-29 11:09:27
    With the development of purification project, clean room has become more and more important.Many industries such as food industry, drug industry, parts processing industry need to product in clean room.In order to ensure the qualified rate of products, ensure the cleanliness of clean room is very important.Next, I summarizes three points must be followed in the clean room construction.
    First is durability and construction cost.For a clean workshop is used in long-term production and processing,without enough durability is undesirable.After all, the construction of a clean workshop cost is a huge investment, the construction cost is a key consideration of enterprise.The materials and equipment in building clean workshop must have enough service life.Of course, as the air filter of internal and purification equipment, especially the high efficiency filter and FFU and other air purification equipment, need to be changed according to the use of time. In order to maintain the cleanliness of clean room.
    Second is maintainability.Clean room may appear crack or damage because of the long-term use or a variety of accidents.If it can be repaired easily, the life of clean room can be ensure.According to the construction and maintenance experience for many year in MIDSPRING.The ceiling and partition within dust-free workshop, many customers will choose sandwich panel, it is convenient to repair.
    Last but not least is cleanliness.For a clean workshop, bacteria and dust particles is everywhere.Cleanliness is a key point in the design and construction of clean room.Every corner of the clean room must go through special treatment to ensure without dust.
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