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    Good clean room material——Rock Wool Sandwich Panel
    We all know the color steel sandwich panel has been the indispensable material in purification industry.How to choose the correct color steel panel is a important problem which customers mush consider.MIDSPRING recommend rock wool sandwich panel according to years of experience and analysis of a large number of cases.
    The key points in using clean room
    The main effect of clean room is to control the cleanliness of atmosphere which contacted products, so that products can be manufactured in a good environment. We all know that the products were produced in clean room have rigid standards of cleanliness,even a little bit the dust may cause great negative impact, so how to use clean room better became a problem concerned by each manufacturer, as a salesman in MIDSPRING, I summed up the following points according to experience ...
    The core of the clean room --air shower room
    As everyone knows that air shower room is necessary channel before entering clean is used to block or reduce the dust into the clean room. In terms of its use we can know the importance of air shower room, so choosing high-quality air shower room has become an inevitable problem for each customer , then I will explain the main classification of clean room and purchasing skills by air shower room of MIDSPRING.
    Clean Room
    Clean room, clean workshop are widely applied in the electronic information, semiconductor, optoelectronics, precision manufacturing, medical and health, bio engineering, aerospace, auto spraying and many other industries ,according to the requirements of precision and clean industry,the level is different.
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