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     FFU is more suitable for clean room
    FFU is a common air purification equipment in clean room. Because of easy installation, uniform air supply, more and more clean room choose FFU to as air purification system of clean workshop. Also, FFU is wildly used in clean booth.
    Class 1000 clean room
    For many years,MIDSPRING always insist to study advanced technology,constantly breakthrough, strive to improve the construction technology. We have first-class design and construction team to stick with the best quality service for every customer.
    How to design clean room more energy-efficient
    With the rapid development and expand of the clean room construction , the energy saving problem of clean room is urgent.For many times,the designer of clean workshop often pay more attention to the cleanliness and particulate detection and overlook the energy saving problem are.But the energy saving production cost of the drugs are the noticeable problems in the development.Next,I talk about how to do more energy-saving in pharmaceutical clean room design from the lighting, ...
    Return air system design for the effect of clean room
    By the development of science and technology, the requirement of Modern technological product production and modern scientific experiment activity for the cleanliness of clean room.Especially microelectronics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, daily chemical products and etc..They all need to do in the clean room.So,the clean room design is concerned profoundly.
    The importance of sandwich panel in clean room
    Purification sandwich panel is one of the best important material, because sandwich panel very important function and effect.At first, we must talk about its fire performance, the fire rating of so many sandwich panel received A, thire fire resistance limit of more than 2 hours.Such as rock wool sandwich panel, glass magnesium rock wool sandwich panel, perlite sandwich panel and etc..
    Class 100 clean room
    Clean room, clean workshop are widely applied in the electronic information, semiconductor, optoelectronics, precision manufacturing, medical and health, bio engineering, aerospace, auto spraying and many other industries ,according to the requirements of precision and clean industry,the level is different.
    How to control personnel pollution in clean room
    For clean room, particle pollution detection is very important.And the operator is the major pollution source.So, controlling personnel pollution can decide the cleanliness of clean room.For this, MIDSPRING put forward the following suggestions by clean room design standard of purification equipment.
    The three key points of clean room
    With the development of purification project, clean room has become more and more important.Many industries such as food industry, drug industry, parts processing industry need to product in clean room.In order to ensure the qualified rate of products, ensure the cleanliness of clean room is very important.Next, I summarizes three points must be followed in the clean room construction.
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