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    Why does the aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel can be used wildly
    Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel is a kind of new building material, its panels are color steel plate, core material is aluminum honeycomb.At the same time, the compatibility of aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel is very high, it can be combined with the different material to meet different customer requirements.The aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel in MIDSPRING is widely used in factory, combination houses, public buildings and etc..
    Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel
    Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel is wildly used in electronics, biology, food, pharmaceutical, hospitals and other clean construction field.
    How to use the color steel sandwich panel correctly
    Color steel sandwich panel as a new type of building materials has become an indispensable part of modern architecture.Color steel sandwich panel is composed of the upper and the lower two layers of color steel panel and different core material In a dedicated production line,because of its structural features, the board is also called the
    Rock Wool Sandwich Panel
    Rock wool color steel sandwich panel is widely used in steel structure workshop, roof and wall of simple activity room,ceiling and partition of clean room .
    Glass Magnesium Rock Wool Sandwich Panel
    The Glass magnesium rock wool color steel sandwich panel widely used in ceiling and wall of clean room, clean product, industrial plants, warehouses, cold storage, air conditioning panel.
    EPS Foam Sandwich Panel
    EPS foam sandwich color steel panel is widely used in workshop, office cabinet wall, steel structure house exterior wall maintenance, decorative building materials, activities housing office building and other places.
    PU Color Steel Sandwich Panel
    The rigid polyurethane color steel sandwich panel material made by our company can be widely used in central air conditioning, building wall materials, cold storage, refrigerated chamber, heat preservation box, chemical tank field and other places.
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