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    The advantages of clean Booth
    Clean Booth is a simple clean room. And like a clean room, it with a variety of clean level. In many times, clean booth can not used independently. Usually, it is placed into the clean workshop. Clean booth is similar to clean bench, they are all air purification equipment.
    The key of HEPA in using
    Now, the air quality problem has become the focus of attention for many people.Especially, purification equipment has played a key role for the cleaning industry. We all know that in a clean room, air purification is the key problem.That is to say, HEPA affects the cleanliness of clean room directly. That how to use HEPA to play a better role? Below I summarize a few key points you:
    Medium efficiency filter
    1.Product Application (1).The main filter - commercial and industrial air conditioning system (2).In the clean room air system. (3).In the car industry. (4).In the hotel and office building
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