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    PU Handicraft Panel
    The Polyurethane handicraft panel is widely used as exterior wall panel in fire-proof workshop,industrial workshop,clean rooms of pharmacy, electronics, biology research, foodstuff, beverage etc.
    The Code of conduct in using PU sandwich panel
    Polyurethane sandwich panel is one of the best building material.It is suitable for cold storage insulation, clean room decoration, exterior wall decoration and etc..PU sandwich panel is wildly used in many European countries, it is the darling of the cleaning industry.What shall we attented in using PU sandwich panel?
    How to discriminate the quality of purifying door
    The purifying door is the indispensable auxiliary equipment in clean room,its quality may affect the clean class of clean room directly,discriminate the quality of purifying door is very important for customers,sales team of MIDSPRING arranged the following points by the largest sales,the most popular steel purifying door for many years and the research of purification engineering worked by MIDSPRING.
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