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    GMP is very important for pharmaceutical workshop
    GMP is a management system that ensures the quality of drugs from plant environment, plant facilities, process equipment, production process, quality management, packaging materials, storage environment, label management and personnel management.The purpose of GMP is to prevent the drug production in the mixed batch, mixed, pollution and cross infection, in order to ensure the quality of drugs.So, it is very important for clean room.
    The advantages of clean Booth
    Clean Booth is a simple clean room. And like a clean room, it with a variety of clean level. In many times, clean booth can not used independently. Usually, it is placed into the clean workshop. Clean booth is similar to clean bench, they are all air purification equipment.
    Filter paper and frame selection of HEPA
    High efficiency filter is one of the most important clean equipment in clean room. As the end air filtration equipment of the clean room, it will directly affect the cleanliness of clean room.
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