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    The importance of sandwich panel in clean room
    Purification sandwich panel is one of the best important material, because sandwich panel very important function and effect.At first, we must talk about its fire performance, the fire rating of so many sandwich panel received A, thire fire resistance limit of more than 2 hours.Such as rock wool sandwich panel, glass magnesium rock wool sandwich panel, perlite sandwich panel and etc..
    The Code of conduct in using PU sandwich panel
    Polyurethane sandwich panel is one of the best building material.It is suitable for cold storage insulation, clean room decoration, exterior wall decoration and etc..PU sandwich panel is wildly used in many European countries, it is the darling of the cleaning industry.What shall we attented in using PU sandwich panel?
    PU Wool Sandwich Panel
    The rigid polyurethane color steel sandwich panel material made by our company can be widely used in central air conditioning, building wall materials, cold storage, refrigerated chamber, heat preservation box, chemical tank field and other places.
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